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Computer bag strap broke off a computer is not a computer package that is wrong?(人气:) 
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        Bought a computer package, with less than a month, computer bag strap is cut off, depriving the bag fell to the floor with computers, and badly damaged. Yesterday, Mr Pang in Sichuan Online Tianfu community post about their own misfortune. He found that the computer package sales counters, the other is that Pang can not prove that damage to the computer when installed in the computer bag. Pang is depressed, the loss of the computer how to do?

        Dispute: a compensation to be evidence of a

        Pang introduced, the computer package is October 28, he bought, bought 26 days, carrying a computer bag down the stairs, the strap connecting the metal ring at the sudden rupture, computer bag computer bag along with wrestling on the ground. Pang believes that because of quality problems caused by computer bag computer bag damage, repair cost of $ 3,000 computer, computer bag seller should compensate.

        Computer package sales charge Zheng Dongxing there is his position: "the quality of the computer package, in the 'Warranty' within the scope, we are responsible but we are quite sure the computer is not broken when packed in the bag . "Pang Zheng Dongxing hope to come up with evidence, and suggested that Mr. Pang went consumers Association," Consumers Association, how to say, how we do. "
Supposed: the consultation fails to prosecute

        Tianfuzaobao reporter contacted the Wuhou Industrial and Commercial Bureau Chan, she admits: "There is no corresponding specific regulations, so we only try to help both parties." If you still can not negotiate the final agreement, consumers can only take the judicial process , proceedings.

        If litigation, law firms are Yan Sichuan Code fruit lawyers, Pang need to provide the following materials: First, purchase invoices; second is that the computer package in the normal use of the photo quality problems; Third, damage to the computer after photos. If lawyers have said Yan, Pang such proceedings are generally not lost, but "counsel fees would exceed the amount he claims, does not pay a little bit."

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