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Luoyang, a good computer bag off the car returned to active brother to call 110(人气:) 
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        9 am yesterday, Mr. Fung and his son a small peak people (a pseudonym) in the Chou Li northbound take a taxi to the new road and Liaoning Road intersection. 20 minutes later, they reached the destination. "Small peak was sitting in the back, my computer bag on the rear also. Just get off, I found the car the package falls." Fung said, when he realized that package fell on the car, bike rental vehicles are traveling along the east Liaoning Road, 5 meters. He and his son rushed to chase, and shouted, "Stop" to bike taxi has not stopped.
"Chase for about 200 meters, turning the taxi, we did not catch up." Fung said, then he called 110 for help.

        "It was too anxious, and did not remember the license plate number, just remember that car is green." Station in Changan, Fung said. Police only try to help Fung looking through surveillance video that bike taxi.

        On the police find the video, Fung received a call from a taxi driver.

        "He asked me if I put the bag fell on the car, and said we should pack gets here." Fung said 15 minutes later, the taxi driver who arrived at the police station Chang and Fung package return.

        According to the taxi driver Liu master introduced, was later found on the train Fung package. Master Liu Fung bag found in a work card and two boxes of business cards.

        Work cards and business cards via phone, Liu Fung made ??contact with the master. (Ms cattle clues Award 50 yuan tickets)

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